Ray Kurzweil is right in his book “Singularity is Near” where he mentioned that we are near the end of `Epoch 4′ (Technology) and entering into `Epoch 5′ (The Merger of Human Technology with Human Intelligence). In the distant future there shall not be much discomfort for the ones who need technology as a boon in their lives. The advent of various electronics and the unending research in science shall soon be able to let the disabled gain confidence in his damaged body parts or replace them. I foresee computer science as the branch that shall soon intervene in every aspect of the R&D community be it of any field. As a paradigm, it is obligatory for a physicist to know the basics of mathematics to reach to a derivation or an equation which has not been explored by any other human. Computer science similarly shall be indispensable in the near future. Science has for ages, been collecting and analysing enormous data, and to search and utilise just a certain and tiny bit of information has been the most common block faced by all scientists. Despite all of it, using state of the art software for data mining and machine learning and finding certain schemes or configurations in the huge amounts of data collected may emerge as a tool to help increase understanding and solve problems. The best use of these techniques could be made by man in understanding the intricacies of the human brain and the complexities of the body and its functions.

I have also been granted with various awards and grants from prestigious institutions like Ulster University, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions from private sectors as well as from government sectors too like DST India, MSME and IIT Kanpur.

Funding Institutions

Several prestigious institutions from both government and private sectors have acknowledged my projects and research work and also funded the same to pursue the same. Some of them are MSME, DST India, Ulster University, Manav Rachna Educational Institutions and many more.

Ongoing Projects

Some of the research projects that I am currently working on are listed here on the side. They are only a fraction of the work I am pursuing currently, there are many more work and research for which the paths are being paved.


Deep learning for MEG based signal classification

As part of my research work, I am designing prediction-based model of motor movements for controlling robotic exoskeleton by stroke patients using MEG/EEG signals .


Riemannian Geometry in Neural Networks

Neural networks in the sense of geometric transformations act on the coordinated representation of the underlying data manifold in which the data is sampled from.


MEG based BCI for stroke Rehabilitaion

MEG signal processing and classification which includes feature selection, classification algorithms, and real-time BCI.

Past Projects

Some of the research projects that I have worked on are listed here on the side. These research and innovation projects are part of my career till date and they define me who I am today. From each project, from every failure and success attempt, I have learned something new and creative.


Turtle Digital Notebook

Turtle is a digital notebook that replaces your stack of stationary and overcomes that limitations of traditional paper. Turtle is a perfect tool for the students, artists, professionals, journalists, writers and everyone who's life revolves around paper. The features that are built into it will allow you to take on any work with ease and will become an integral part of yours.


Dentist Posture Belt

A combination of Neck clip, Waist Belt, for dentist posture correction and assistance. Lumbago + provides dentists to improve their postures by directing them to their ideal yoga posture.
Also it provides them with the facility of vibrations which can be switched on whenever required for relaxation. The use of such an innovation will reduce the incidences of musculoskeletal disorders in dentists and increase their working life.


Continuous Temperature Monitoring for Medicine and Bacteria

A system maintained to monitor temperature of medicine and bacteria remotely.


Non-Invasive Method for Diagnosis of Jaundice

Now-a-days diagnosis of diseases is done by invasive methods. So we are providing a non-invasive technique for diagnosing of jaundice. The system comprises of camera and screen and mobile computing chip that will help to diagnose of jaundice and its level by looking at eye-colour and relating it with bilirubin value.


Black Box for Vehicle

A complete fusion of hardware and software that maintain records of the data received from the OBD and external sensors mounted on a vehicle, with an advantage feature of the car’s driving pattern graphic simulation.


Robot controlled via gestures

In this project a robotic arm has been controlled via Xbox 360 Kinect Sensors. The complete software was made in visual studio 2010 using C# and XML. The Xbox Kinect was connected with CPU and the CPU was connected with Xbee wireless transmitter and the Arduino was connected with Xbee wireless receiver. The system worked as the Xbox Kinect throw serial data on the serial port by which Arduino was triggered. Totally 13 gestures were defined accordingly for 3 degree robotic arm.


Home automation

A windows Mobile App has been developed to control the home appliances wirelessly or you can say via SMS. This means that you can switch on or off your home appliances via just a click of a button. The click of the button has been configured accordingly to trigger the hardware.
electrical appliances have been controlled via Xbox 360 Kinect Sensors. The complete software was made in visual studio 2010 using C# and XML. The Xbox Kinect was connected with CPU and the CPU was connected with Xbee wireless transmitter and the Arduino was connected with Xbee wireless receiver. The system works as the Xbox Kinect throw serial data on the serial port by which Arduino was triggered. Totally 13 gestures were defined accordingly for different appliances, which included switching it on or off.


Gesture Controlled Multipurpose Wearable

Today is the era of undisrupted communication. People want to interact with each other and surrounding environment very frequently and moreover in mobile manner. These needs can only be fulfilled by electronic gadgets like laptops, palmtops and mobile phones. But carrying them all the time is quite cumbersome task. Hence there is strong need of Wearable Technology (WT). Our invention provides the user with a robust wearable device based on Augmented Reality (AR). Our system includes a Head-Up Display unit that is incorporated with multi megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, stress sensing system (via Electroencephalogram), microphone, Retinal display and computing chip. It also includes a wrist band which in turn is incorporated with gestural control mechanism, accelerometer, and mobile chipset, tracking device, heartbeat counter and Holographic projection. This whole system will be capable to perform many functions like gesture controlled mobile operations like image capture, tele-calling, video and sound player etc. and projection of the screen output in front of the user and also as holographic image on band, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth systems for connectivity with internet and within the two devices. Also a continuous cognitive stress sensing will be done using EEG signal check system. The design of the invention has been optimized to accommodate all the above mentioned technologies and their robust functioning.


3-D Communication and Interaction System

The system basically works on holographic principle and projection. A button attached to the watch will transform it into mobile. In which the screen will be projected in the air and for the input simultaneous a layer of infrared layer will be sent in air. Whenever the finger has the interaction with the different points, the co-ordinates of that location will be sent to the system and the corresponding action will be performed.

Controlling Prosthetic Device via EEG (2013-2015)

The primary aim of the project was to develop a prosthetic device which could be externally used as a medical tool to assist complete or partial paralyzed patients and also patients suffering from voluntary motor disorder such as speech loss or amputation. The understanding obtained from primary aim could also be used to develop a diagnostic tool to determine or ascertain the mental and physical growth of infants or kids who are not able to express themselves by speaking due to their young age.The primary task to achieve this aim was to train and develop a novel prosthetic device controlled by neural signals by human subject under different environmental, emotional or physical stimulations. The focus was on design of an electroencephalogram (EEG) based brain computer interface, which can be used for direct recognition of mentally uttered speech by such patients i.e. in simple words, efforts will be directed towards the development of “Thoughts and feelings to speech translating system for them.
For this, the ability of EEG signals to portray thoughts, feelings and unspoken words will be explored. Advanced brain mapping techniques as well as artificial intelligence tools like Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Network was used during signal processing and mapping of the brain. Hence, the project aimed to restore useful life for such patients.

Spinal Posture and Stress Monitoring System Based on Electromyography and Inertial Measurement Unit (2013-2014)

Musculoskeletal disorders are a common health problem throughout the world and a major cause of disability. Awkward posture is a main risk factor for developing musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain is one of the major causes of poor posture that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints or other structures in the spine. Back pain is one of humanity's most frequent complaints. In the world, acute low back pain is the fifth most common reason for physician visits. About nine out of ten adults experience back pain at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults have back pain every year. Low back pain causes 40% of missed days of work in the world. Also, it's the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Thus a solution is needed to make people habitual for maintaining right posture. The solution provided is a novel posture correction apparatus based on an Inertial Measurement Unit capable of tracking tilt in three dimensions and an electromyography based sensor to measure and monitor the stress on the lower back. The device is portable and worn on the lower back. The gathered information is than transmitted to connected device like mobile phone to notify the user of incorrect posture or muscle stress. It continuously monitored daily routine activities. It was found that the system could reliably track tilt and thus posture, and the feedback mechanism was effective at notifying the user about incorrect posture. Thus, this mountable system is an effective way for improving bad posture habits.

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