Deep Learning Based Inter-subject Continuous Decoding of Motor Imagery for Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces

Sujit Roy, Student Member, IEEE, Anirban Chowdhury, Member, IEEE, Karl McCreadie, Girijesh Prasad, Senior Member, IEEE
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Assessing impact of channel selection on decoding of motor and cognitive imagery from MEG data

Sujit Roy , Dheeraj Rathee , Anirban Chowdhury , Karl McCreadie , Girijesh Prasad
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Channel Selection Improves MEG-based Brain-Computer Interface

Sujit Roy ; Dheeraj Rathee ; Karl McCreadie ; Girijesh Prasad
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Real-time man-machine interface and control using deliberate eye blink

Bansal, Dipali and Mahajan, Rashima and Roy, Sujit and Rathee, Dheeraj and Singh, Shweta

Real time acquisition and analysis of neural response for rehabilitative control

International Journal of Electrical, Robotics, Electronics and Communications Engineering Volume 8 Issue 5 Pages 697-701
Dipali Bansal, Rashima Mahajan, Shweta Singh, Dheeraj Rathee, Sujit Roy
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