Grants & Lectures

Please find the information on the grants approved on my projects and my research publications and patents that are pending on my name.

Also find the information on the lectures and workshops I have delivered in my career till date.

Grants Approved for Projects

The grants that have been approved on some of my key research projects are listed on the side.

55,000.00 INR

Wireless Health Monitoring System

Continuously monitor and give the real time description of the patient body temperature, blood pressure (BP), Pulse Rate .All this can be sensed by using respective sensors. The information received by sensors is directed via router to the main system Display. Where the whole data of the patient will be recorded and displayed and also upload that to the cloud for remote access of data.

625,000.00 INR

MSME Enterprise Grant for SPARSH

The eyewear is a hands-on guide to all your queries. The voice recognition in the device is not a video, not a monologue. It is a dialogue, an instructor accompanying you, 24/7, every time allowing you to work simultaneously. You waste no time in pausing, rewinding or resuming the instructions. So let’s have an output while receiving an input. All work is done simultaneously and successfully. The device works on your asked question and search for the specific designed animated/ realistic video tutorial with the AI to train the user.

70,000.00 INR

Non-Invasive Method for Jaundice Diagnosis

Now-a-days diagnosis of diseases is done by invasive methods. So we are providing a non-invasive technique for diagnosing of jaundice. The system comprises of camera and screen and mobile computing chip that will help to diagnose of jaundice and its level by looking at eye-colour and relating it with bilirubin value.

150,000.00 INR

Dentist Posture Belt

The purpose is to design a wearable device in the form of belt which can be used to guide and monitor your daily posture and also connecting you to the experts for any medical help online. Hence, to improve the health and endurance of the dentist and to prevent the postural disorder the device is being designed keeping all the postures of dentist, while operating and non-operating, in mind.

Pending Patents

Some of the patents that I have filed for my key research Ideas are listed on the side.


Call Swapper in Mobiles


An Innovative Digital Product for Reading, Writing, Learning and Sharing Information Digitally



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Application for networking between aspirants to the experts in their aspired fields

Lectures & Workshops Addressed

Some of the lectures and workshops that I have addressed in my career till date are listed on the side.


Machine learning with Python and Tensorflow (IIT Kanpur)

Basic mathematics for ML models - SVM, RAndom Forest, LDA, etc. other techniques- CNN, Natural
Language Preprocessing



Manav Rachna Innovation and Incubation center workshops taken- App Development, product design, Kinect, Gesture recognition, Machine Learning


Appster v 0.1

Lecture delivered on app development and Kinect.



Lecture delivered on Software Development process, App Development and software development.


Manav Rachna International University

Faculty Development Programme (ECE)- Lecture delivered on IOT


Manav Rachna Dental College

Lecture delivered (For post-Graduation students) on Research & Innovation in the field of Dentistry.


Manav Rachna University

MBA students - Lecture on MRIIC and Industrial Innovation & Indian Market


Atmel Professors Summit

Lecture Delivered on applications of robotics in Industry.



Lecture delivered on Windows app development and robotic application

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